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Tasteful And Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Wife On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and provides an opportunity to surprise your wife with a beautiful romantic gesture. It’s a day to show love and warmth after a long cold winter. A perfect opportunity to heal any fraying nerves or to renew affections after an argument. Or simply, just to further strengthen what is already a perfect union of the heart.

Valentine’s Day is steeped in history despite what we might consider its sometimes modern overbearing consumerism. People shared Valentine greetings in Medieval Europe and King Henry V of England hired a writer to pen a romantic Valentine note way back in the 14th Century. Ever since it’s been a day to reveal or further cultivate our love for a special someone.

Ideally of course, every day of the year should be a day of love for a devoted married couple, but life often gets in the way. We work hard and feel exhausted in the evenings. With young kids, it’s often difficult to find time to be alone and intimate. Things have to be planned in advance and romantic gestures taken when the moment allows, which may not be very often.

Valentine’s Day provides a perfect opportunity to make a bigger effort. With all this in mind we’ve collected together a few ways to tastefully and romantically surprise your wife on this special day of love.

Bring her breakfast in bed

Wake up a little earlier than usual and head to the kitchen. Quietly prepare her favorite breakfast and arrange it neatly on a decorated tray. Place roses in a jar or vase, together with a simple hand-written note describing your love for your wife.

Gently wake her and surprise her with the beautiful tray arrangement, delicious food, and romantic note.

Arrange a workplace flower delivery 

Order some flowers to be delivered to her workplace. Very few women don’t appreciate the wonderful surprise of having beautiful flowers gifted to them in front of all their colleagues. This is especially the case when these flowers are from you, her beloved. She’ll feel truly cherished and loved.

Write a heartfelt poem

Write a romantic heartfelt poem for your wife. Not a poet? No problem. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What matters are the meanings and emotions the words convey and above all, the honesty of your love and devotion. Handwrite the poem and place the note where she’ll find it sometime during the day.

Cook her favorite meal

Plan to cook her favorite meal on Valentine’s Day evening. Collect together the ingredients in advance and order flowers and gifts in the weeks beforehand. Also consider her favorite wine, music, and scent to accompany the romantic meal. Finish off with a movie, a moonlit stroll, or something even more intimate.

Prearrange a babysitter and visit a special place

Valentine’s Day evening is the perfect occasion to prearrange a babysitter if you have young kids. Whether you dine at home or at a restaurant, it’s a night for just the two of you.

To make the day even more memorable, arrange to take your wife to a place with positive emotional significance. This might be a restaurant where you first dated or a location where you proposed. Remember those special moments together.

Its all about showing your love

Valentine’s Day is about romance and love. Being romantic doesn’t require huge amounts of planning or outlandishly complicated surprises. More often than not, the old traditional romantic methods of showing love are the best.

All that matters is that you show your wife just how much you love her and how special you think she is.

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