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It all began in 2014 with a dream to create a brand that combined a passion for luxury roses, lifestyle management, bespoke services, event management and innovation. Where the services become not only a talent, but an art form delivering an unparalleled experience to those who matter most. From this vision, Envie Roses was born.

Driven by his passion and a love for sophisticated luxury, Founder – Wasim Qureshi of Envie Roses, embarked on a journey to create a luxury brand that he aspired would one day become a household name. After a very challenging beginning, successes came, but it wasn’t enough to attain his lofty vision.

After a long difficult search for a team that shared his vision, mission, and ardour to create a house of luxury experiences. the ‘Unique Team’ was created.

Together, with a shared dedication to combine the exhilarating services with ultimate luxury, Envie Roses brings you the unmatched experience you deserve.

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