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5 Ways To Appreciate Your Wife On Mother’s Day

Celebrate this Mother’s Day by expressing your gratitude to the woman you love. From new adventures to sharing a special meal, turn this day into an unforgettable experience and create ever-lasting memories.

1. Give Her a Well-Deserved Spa Retreat

A mother deserves a break from her daily duties. Gift your wife with a day reserved solely for her with a pampering spa retreat. Complete with face treatments, massages, saunas and aromatherapy, allow her the pleasure of complete self-indulgence.

2. Take an Adventure Together

Immerse in the exciting and spend Mother’s Day by sharing a new experience together. Enjoy the outdoors and take a hike through the Canadian wilderness, or a tour of the botanical gardens.

3. Spend an Evening at Her Favourite Restaurant

End the day for the kids early. Surprise her with an unforgettable evening and reserve a table at her favourite restaurant. Nothing says thank you like a lavish dinner, intimate conversation and delectable desserts.

4. Cook a Homemade Gourmet Meal

Share an intimate, personalized dinner together and show her your gratitude by cooking up a gourmet meal from scratch. Let the kids put in their effort and set the table for a quiet, romantic dinner for the two of you. Express your love and gratitude with a bouquet of splendid, enchanting lavender roses as a center piece on the table.

5. Record a Video Proving She’s the Best Mom

Give an ever-lasting digital gift with a video recording of your children giving their top ten reasons why they think she’s the best mom. Top it with her favourite playlist and end it with reasons of your own. Present it hand in hand with a bouquet of light pink roses expressing admiration, joy and thanks.

6. Roses

Yes, we know the title says 5 ways, but is any Mother’s Day really complete without flowers? Whether it’s a single rose accompanying a gift, or a bouquet of 100 as a gift on its own, the breathtaking beauty of the rose will definitely give mom something to smile about.

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