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7 Romantic Gift Ideas To Go With Roses On Valentine’s Day

Roses are the iconic Valentine’s Day gift. Red roses symbolize love and romance, whether between a pair of new lovers or a devoted married couple. A box or bouquet of roses can act as a wonderful romantic gift in itself yet usually the flowers are accompanied by something else.

Fresh roses provide a beautiful visual backdrop to a special day. They act as the introductory surprise before the more personalized gift is seen, whether this is found among the flowers themselves or separately.

What this gift is, depends on the unique couple. To help you decide, we’ve collected together seven romantic gift ideas to go with beautiful red roses this Valentine’s Day.


1. A romantic letter or poem

Write a heartfelt letter or poem. You can include the note as part of the delivery itself or, alternatively, handwrite the note and add it to the roses after they have arrived. When you write words from your heart, the roses become a perfect visual, textural, and aromatic accompaniment to your loving personal message.

2. A bottle of champagne

It’s not every day you get to enjoy a bottle of champagne. This sparking luxury wine is usually reserved for special occasions and celebrations. What better occasion than a day celebrating love and romance. A collection of beautiful roses will provide a lovely backdrop to a romantic evening sipping champagne and eating a delicious meal together.

3. Luxury chocolates

Roses and chocolates might feel like a bit of a romantic cliché but they’re a popular gift pair for good reason. Roses are visually and aromatically pleasing while chocolates add a sensual touch to our taste buds and to an inner feeling of wellbeing. Your special someone will love the traditional combination of flowers and chocolates, especially when combined with caring words and loving kisses.

4. Tickets for a special event

After a long cold winter and with Spring still a little way off, Valentine’s Day provides a wonderful opportunity to warm the heart with surprise tickets to a special event. Gift your loved one with roses accompanied by tickets to something they’re going to be overjoyed to attend. The special event can be a musical concert, a foreign vacation, a spa weekend, a sci-fi convention, or anything you know your beloved will absolutely adore.

5. A luxury food hamper

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so an old idiom goes. There’s some truth in this for both genders. Certain types of food can be quite the aphrodisiac, including chocolate, honey, cherries, and cream. Combine a gift of roses with a luxury food hamper full of your love’s favorite foods. You can create – or order – special vegan or gluten-free hampers to match any dietary restrictions.

6. Your kids drawings

If you have young children, then you’re probably accustomed to their drawings and artwork. They most likely already adorn your fridge and walls. Yet Valentine’s Day provides a really meaningful opportunity to collaborate with your kids in order to surprise your spouse. Match a beautiful bouquet of roses with specially created drawings by your kids on the theme of love. Tears of happiness are guaranteed.

7. Her favorite fragrance

Perfume has a power we easily forget. A fragrance can entice and tease, it can also wield influence and ignite memories. It’s a beautiful gift to give a woman especially when it’s her favorite scent. Roses and perfume are a luxurious combination that show you really take notice of what she wears and that you cherish her femininity.

Its the little details that count

A box of beautiful aromatic roses and a special accompanying gift will make your beloved incredibly happy this Valentine’s Day. It’s the little details that often have the most emotional impact and show you really care and understand. When you combine gorgeous flowers with something meaningful, like with the ideas above, the special day of love will be one to truly remember for the both of you.

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