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7 Beautiful And Intimate Ways To Propose Marriage To Your Girlfriend

When you think of proposing marriage to your girlfriend, it’s tempting to plan something overly elaborate. You may even consider proposing in a public place where everyone can see just how much you love your girlfriend. It’s what often happens in the movies and in online videos that go viral and have people gushing over the beautiful proposal.

However, this exuberance is not for everyone. Many couples like to begin their journey to married life in an intimate, private, and quiet way. For many women, a marriage proposal away from prying eyes, with just the two of you, is exactly how they envisioned this special occasion since they were a little girl.

Proposals don’t need to be over the top but they do need to be memorable and personal. So what are some of the ways a guy can propose marriage to his girlfriend in a beautiful and intimate way?

The following are some of our favorite ideas.

1. In a quiet and emotionally significant location

Think back to an emotionally significant place for the both of you. This might have been where you went on your first date or where you first kissed. Or even where you first declared your love for one another. Make an excuse to go back there together, reminisce a little, and then pop the question when the time is right.

2. A personal treasure hunt

Design a treasure hunt for your girlfriend to follow. The treasure at the end will be you holding an engagement ring. Create clues you’ll be sure she can answer and spread them throughout your town or property. You can even enlist the help of shopkeepers or librarians to keep the clue notes safe until she arrives.

3. A romantic evening walk

Sometimes a simple walk together is the perfect occasion to ask the question. A romantic evening walk along a beach or by a riverfront provides the ideal backdrop for such a life changing moment. Just make sure the nearby scenery is appealing, for that after-proposal photo together and for her memories.

4. On vacation in a luxury hotel

A hotel room is usually seen as just a place to sleep in-between days of sightseeing and vacation fun. Yet it can also be a place of intimate luxuriousness, especially if you pull out the stops and book at a luxury hotel. Order champagne, roses, caviar, and other special delights, and propose in the most private of settings.

5. At home surrounded by special memories

At the opposite end of the spectrum to a luxury hotel stay is simply staying at home. Home is where the heart is, so the saying goes. If where you live together now is likely to be your permanent home, then by proposing there you’ll create another beautiful memory to last a lifetime. Bring out some special photos of you both together and decorate the place with roses.

6. During a weekend getaway in the country

Escape for a romantic weekend in the country. A rustic cabin can provide a beautiful environment in which to propose marriage. Take some surprises with you in a locked hamper, including chocolates, flowers, gifts, and tasty food. Propose in front of a roaring log fire or while out exploring the landscape.

7. Together with select family and friends

Privacy and intimacy are qualities many couples seek during a marriage proposal but sometimes there are a few people you really want to be present when it happens. Arrange a small and seemingly ordinary party, of perhaps a dozen close friends and relatives. Then propose, in front of the people who matter to your girlfriend the most.

Memorable marriage proposals

There are many beautiful and intimate ways to propose to the woman you love. These are just seven. A proposal doesn’t need to be a public event or to be extravagant. More often than not, it’s the simplest and most private of marriage proposals that can be the most special.

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