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Hat Boxes Lady Hester


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hat boxes LADY HESTER Roses 

Hat Boxes – Lady Hester Roses  symbolise admiration, happiness, elegance and sweetness.


Choose valentines day roses in hat boxes at the beginning of a romance, as a gift to new lovers, mothers, or as a birthday gift to young women.


Because these are one of the world’s most exquisite long stemmed roses, handcrafted by one of our experienced artisans.

Worlds Finest lady hester ROSES

Simple yet opulent, our signature black and gold box holds beautiful luxury and Ecuadorian roses, delicately arranged and wrapped in our exclusive tissue paper.


So these are the perfect gift for any occasion, and offer an unparalleled gift receiving experience.

An exquisite and decorative gift for any room

All roses are specially treated and placed into water that ensure maximum freshness and longevity, providing assurance that the recipient will have ample time to enjoy the roses while they are still fresh and full of beauty.


World’s Finest Roses Delivered UK Nationwide 🇬🇧

Hat boxes with luxury roses are a stylish and elegant way to present a bouquet of long-stemmed roses.


The hat box itself is a round container, typically made of sturdy cardboard that resembles a traditional hat box. The roses, which are often of high quality and large in size, are arranged inside the box in a way that showcases their beauty and elegance.


These luxurious roses are often arranged in a dome shape and have a tight bud, which means they have not fully bloomed yet and will bloom in the coming days. This makes the gift not only beautiful but also a lasting one.


These hat boxes with luxury roses are a popular choice for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and romantic gestures.


They also make for a beautiful and unique decorative element in any room.

The Elegance of High-Quality Roses in a Stylish Hat Box

Add a personalised message that will be written on luxurious stationary, sealed in a premium black envelope, and placed into your box of roses.


We ensure the complete privacy of your message until it is opened by the recipient.


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Luxurious Single Stem Rose

Luxury Roses in Hat Boxes FAQS:

Our luxury roses are hand-picked from the finest rose gardens in the world, and are carefully arranged in elegant luxurious boxes to preserve their freshness and beauty. The quintessential boxes also add an extra touch of elegance and luxury to the gift.

Our luxury roses are carefully tended to and are cut at the peak of their freshness, ensuring they last for several days, even up to 2 weeks with proper care and handling.

Yes, we offer a variety of customisation options for our luxury rose hat boxes, including different color and variety of roses, as well as ribbon and card personalisation

Yes, we offer international delivery for our luxury roses in premium boxes, and we take great care in packaging and shipping them to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

While luxury roses in hat boxes make a perfect gift for special occasions:


Such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays, they are also a beautiful and luxurious way to show appreciation or to simply brighten someone’s day any time of the year.


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Hat Boxes Lady Hester